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12v Mambo Karbonium Picker

The Mambo KARBONIUM Evo  AL300K from Zanon of Italy has proven to be the most extraordinary Olive Picker we have ever used. We first trialled this is 2010 and were blown away with its incredible efficiency then, and it has only got better.

12v Mambo Karbonium olive Picker

Its unique beating action simply strips the olives off the trees at a phenomenal rate and we have consistently found it easy to achieve 100 – 120kg per hour on laden trees of Frantoio, J5, Verdale, Ascalano & Leccino. It is so easy to use, is relatively light at 2.4kg, it is superbly balanced and the extendable pole (2.1 – 3.4metres) just slides in and out so smoothly with the machine still running.

The unique vibrating movement of the carbon fibre rods goes from 25 – 50cm in width which explains the efficiency. The carbon fibre rods are easily replaced in minutes IF you break one. We dropped 2 this season because we forgot to tighten the screws after lunch and only broke one in the whole season.

12v Mambo Karbonium olive PickerDuring our 2012 harvest on one day 4 backpackers (2 guys and 2 girls plus me partime) picked 1.434 tonnes of olives using 1 of these pickers and 1 of the new Ulisse pickers. We had 4 - 50 x 4 metre nets working 2 rows side by side plus some hand claws.

I believe that this machine is SIMPLY THE BEST Olive Picker on the market and is absolutely able to run all day, every day on a charged 12 volt car battery after re-charging over night. It will more than pay its way on bigger groves and offers great value for money.

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AL200 Abbacchiatore FALCON 12volt by Zanon

This is the new extendable lightweight picker from Zanon in Italy. It is a simpler version than the extraordinary best selling Mambo Karbonium. It is another example of innovative design and excellence in manufacturing from Italy.

AL200 Abbacchiatore FALCON 12volt by Zanon

The FALCON is very easy to operate and has been developed for smaller groves, older and or lighter people and the hobby grower. It works best where a marked increase in picking per day is important but where a tight time frame for picking is not so critical.

AL200 Abbacchiatore FALCON 12volt by ZanonIt has a powerful 500w motor with the same 8 carbon fibre rods as the Mambo Karbonium. It is extremely efficient, easy to extend the pole whilst still running and strips the olives off with ease. The "bat like" motion of the rods is the secret to these fantastic pickers.

It weighs approx 2.3kg, has a 15metre cable, the rod extends from 1.7 to 2.5metres and it is more than capable of picking 80-100kg/hour of fully laden trees. This picker is another big leap forward in Olive Picking Technology.

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Ulisse AE002 1400

This superb, lightweight, 12 volt picker from Italy is relatively new to the market but has proven itself in groves throughout Europe and has also been trialled and accepted in Australia for 2 years. It has proven to be super reliable in trials on 7 groves in the 2012 harvest in Northland. It is a really lightweight picker (approx 1650 grams including the extension pole) and the unique beating action of its 8 carbon fibre rods ensures a high rate of fruit collection.

Ulisse AE002 1400

Added advantages are the ease of extending the pole length (whilst still working) and the new permanent 1400 beats per min. Plus you can quickly and easily disconnect the head from the pole and use it as a hand held picker dealing to the lower branches. This is an incredible advance on the older technology pickers.

This super picker is particularly suited to older pickers and women seem to enjoy its easy application and light weight.

It is really ideal for smaller groves up to say 250 trees and the hobby grower.

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Ulisse AE002 Sensor

Ulisse AE002 1400This variation has an added advantage of an Electronic Management System & Torque Sensor in the head which slows the machine down when not "in the foliage" but increases to 1400 beats per minute the second it feels resistance. This greatly decreases the power usage and means you can use smaller size car batteries. A great advantage for long daily use. Equally suitable for smaller groves up to 250 trees.

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Astrellini Hand Rakes

9 Tooth Picking Claws

These can be mounted on a pole (23-24mm diameter). This allows you to extend these claws to an additional 2+ metres using dowel.

Min pack of 5.

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Stainless Steel  Manual Sorter and De-Leafer

Stainless Steel Manual Sorter and De-Leafer

This table sorter is ideal for the smaller grove and you can fold it up and put it away 'Flat Pack' at the end of each season.

Code 00066960

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De-leafer Blower

De-leafer Blowers

Another well proven machine from Italy—there are literally thousands of these robust de-leafer machines in use every season. They are a vital time saving machine that ensures your olives get to the press in top condition free of leaves to help you achieve superb Extra Virgin Olive Oil every time and it should cut pressing charges. Code OOO66900 30 q.LI/H CAPACITY.

220volt AC 50hz.

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Picking Nets

3 Thread Anti-Snag Picking Nets

3 Thread Anti-Snag Picking Nets 100m Long x 5 m Wide.
Code 00066630

3 Thread Anti-Snag Picking Nets 100m Long x 6 m Wide.
Code 00066640

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Stack'n'Stow Perforated Crates

Stack'n'Stow Perforated Crates

40 Litre Stack'n'Stow Rectangular Perforated Crates. Easily managed size for 20-30kg of Olives at 75% fill. Code 00043520

(Minimum pack of 10)

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